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    The top speed of the forklift truck is analyzed

    Extension Anglinde forklift accessories to analyze the maximum speed of forklift

    1, To Ang Lind forklift parts introduced, the highest speed; improve the speed of the forklift to improve the efficiency of the work has a great impact. The weight for 1t and diesel forklift, the full maximum speed of not less than 17m/min.

    2, the minimum turning radius: when the forklift is in no load at low speed, full steering wheel when cornering, the minimum distance of the body of the lateral and medial to the turning center, respectively for the minimum lateral turn radius Rmin and minimal medial turning radius Rmin. The minimum lateral turning radius is smaller, then turn to the forklift ground area is smaller, better maneuverability.

    3, minimum ground clearance: the minimum ground clearance is the distance between the wheel and the lowest point on the vehicle body, which indicates the ability of the forklift to cross the ground raised obstacles without collision. The greater the gap between the minimum clearance, then the higher the forklift.

    4, the wheelbase and track extension: Anglinde forklift parts, forklift forklift wheelbase refers to the center line of the horizontal distance between the front and rear axle. Refers to the distance between left and right wheel tread the same shaft center. Increase the wheelbase, is conducive to the longitudinal stability of the forklift, but to increase the length of the body, the minimum turning radius increases. Increase the wheelbase has lateral stability to the forklift, but will increase the total width of the body and the minimum turning radius.

    5, at right angles to the minimum channel width: rectangular minimum channel width is for forklift driving back and forth the minimum width of the perpendicular to the channel. Mm representation. The extension of Anglinde forklift parts, the minimum width of rectangular channels is generally small, the performance is better.

    6, the minimum width of the stack channel: the minimum width of the stack channel is the minimum width of the channel when the forklift is in normal operation.

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