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    Secret car beauty shop unspoken rules

    Three major unspoken rule extension ang forklift accessories car beauty shop cheating. Such as the famous film "Li Gui", much exaggerate the efficacy of products, beauty shop to see people see price etc.. In the end on the market of auto beauty shop is really such a hidden rules? This paper is mainly the three unspoken rule of the majority of owners secret car beauty shop cheating.

    A multi brand car unspoken rule: "Li Gui"

    After the new car to come back, the owner must first do is to give the car glass anti explosion film. Reporter survey found, at present, mainly in Chongqing market car V-Kool, quantum film, 3M, Dragon film, Johnson & Johnson, and brand, but these brands general automotive beauty shop many are counterfeit, some shopkeepers shoddy to reap huge profits.

    Extension ang forklift accessories said, really film expert can see any new car, but ordinary people do not recognize. Car quality is very important for the drivers, poor membrane life usually only two or three years, easy to change color, foaming, smelly, affect the owner's line of sight and driving safety, and the service life of the membrane general in seven or eight years, or even longer. Some beauty shop to low-cost anonym card products to attract owners earn HeiXinQian ", which is one of the reasons for the proliferation of fake.

    Unspoken rule two: see beauty shop car price

    The same product and beauty items, because the car's level and the difference in the car and the owner of the car beauty shop asking price is different. Extension ang forklift accessories said the car hairdressing industry of our city's lack of industry norms, asking for arbitrarily large, in the reception customer, for different models and the owner, opened the price sometimes differ from several times.

    Some beauty shop "first look", if the owners do not understand, or not sensitive to commodity prices, the price will be high. Also such as like reversing radar, for ordinary customers, asking for three or four hundred, if owners like a boss, will offer 3000 or even higher.

    The second is the "car", is a private car or bus, economy car and luxury car decoration, will offer different. For example, the same wool cushion, if it is economy of private cars, will offer the 6700, and cars like BMW, Audi, will offer 2000 yuan.

    Unspoken rule three: to exaggerate the effectiveness of products

    Extension ang forklift accessories said automotive beauty shop not only do beauty products, also engaged in car modification business, and modified cars now have shown a Liaoyuanzhishi, regardless of truck, car, luxury car, low-grade cars are awfully. But in the modification of the field, some of the ads are basically a lie, to exaggerate the effectiveness of the product. For example, economizer more popular recently, at present 10 kinds of oil products on the market there are 9 will be more in name than in reality.

    The extension of the forklift truck parts, said a car design, the basic performance has been fixed, it is not possible to change the basic performance of the original car through a plug-in auxiliary components. Similar to the auxiliary air intake, two times and so on, they are virtually impossible to change the role of car power. And like surrounded by large, empennages, 80% is to look good and actual effect only 10% to 20%, because these with the material and workmanship have great relationship.

    Tuo forklift accessories, said with more social capital to enter, car beauty industry will continue to intensify competition and to mature, profit margins will gradually move towards normal. At the same time, the promotion of car beauty chain business model, but also for the automotive beauty of the parity trend to create an external environment. But this requires a process, the majority of the owners of the best choice of some well-known or chain management mode of beauty shop, in order to avoid the unspoken rules of the industry.

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