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    Do you know why the forklift tires will wear out

    In order to keep the stability of the forklift truck, which is necessary for safe operation and running, two tires on the same axle must be replaced with the same type of tire and the same type.

    Extension ang forklift accessories said with lifting device of the forklift to raise until replacement tires completely off the ground so far; in addition, when other tire is carrying out the replacement should be placed a stay on the ground wheels, to prevent the forklift from slipping.

    When replacing the pneumatic tire, until replaced in taking down the tire, should first to deflate it.

    In addition, many types of forklift trucks will use the battery, which involves the maintenance and maintenance of forklift battery. The correct use of the battery includes correct charge, correct exchange and so on. Charging will shorten the service life of the battery. Protective glasses and gloves must be worn during the operation of the battery, and the charger is switched off before the battery is disconnected. Use the battery to be careful.

    In forklift operations, forklift forklift training courses of the tire is most prone to wear loss, although most of the loss are normal wear, but sometimes also need to pay attention to, ang forklift accessories Billiton said in normal driving process, adversely affected if driving skills do not grasp, or forklift driving by the outside world, then some unnecessary stimulation damage will always very easily increase tire wear, bring about some other effects.

    Suggested that in order to minimize stimulation by forklift tire, we in the usual maintenance work requires the function of forklift tire to do the test, to ensure stable performance; and in the driving process, in order to stimulate the minimize forklift forklift training tires may be subject to external forces. We also need to grasp some suitable driving skills, do a good job forklift tire maintenance, ensure driving safety and extend the service life of the tire forklift forklift instructional video.

    In order to avoid forklift forklift training experience experience tire by some unnecessary wear and tear, the topological problems that we first need to figure out is forklift truck tires, why wear expensive forklift accessories, if can have in order to avoid some wear, then the fork car tire naturally, will be able to get good maintenance.

    1. In the process of loading driving, different types of forklift will have a match with the proper tire pressure, in the tire pressure can stable in limited range, forklift tire can often be better play stage performance and wear effect can also be restricted. However, forklift tire air pressure changes, with the change of pressure, forklift tire will because of lack of pressure and can not ensure the original form. If the radial variable high or excessive flexing, then this way, due to the forklift tire crown may also because ground and wear, so this will greatly forklift tire loss increase, making some of the good performance of the tire can not be long-term and stable use.

    2 in the process of operation, when the tire pressure is relatively stable, it is not easy to appear abnormal wear. But if the truck under a certain load. At this time forklift lifting speed, then along with the increase of the running speed of, forklift tire deformation frequencies and vibration on the carcass and distortions also may increase if, under the influence of these changes, with the forklift truck tires per unit time increased friction, then it is easy to aggravate wheel burden, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear.

    3 forklift tire wear in addition to the impact of its own conditions, many of the external impact of the stimulation, the harm is very great. In the normal course of work, if you drive a forklift forklift training materials of road environment is relatively poor, then due to the road hard to stimulate the damage, which will easily increase the tire of the loss, sometimes even just some small gravel or building residue, under continuous, forklift tire as still have serious wear and tear.

    The other, such as some chemical liquid or corrosive liquid, is a part of the lift truck, and when it is exposed to a forklift truck for a long time, the loss of the tire will increase. In this regard, for these environmental factors, in the tire maintenance we also need to consider doing a good job, to do a comprehensive maintenance of forklift truck tires, everyone must have a comprehensive improvement of working conditions, and reasonable to do a good repair and wear prevention.

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