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    Do you want to know how to prevent the wear and tear of the forklift truck?

    Forklift in the process of operation, can not but because some of the factors that cause the tire wear. How can the forklift truck parts tell you how to effectively prevent the wear of the forklift truck?

    Strengthen the daily maintenance of the tire. The following key points are expressed specifically for the development of forklift truck parts:

    (1) check that the air pressure: in accordance with the provisions of the air pressure to the tire inflation, in the cold state and a certain load to check and adjust the tire pressure.

    (2) check the tire temperature, summer temperatures are high, avoid direct sunlight tire, shall not use throw cold water on or give up buck; winter air temperature is relatively low, start forklift before preheating, if parked in the open air for a long time, under the tire should pad on the template.

    (3) pay attention to the "details": material in the process of the operation, between the tire tread is easy to clamp used stone, glass and metal pieces, in a timely manner to eliminate the potential tread, should always check the appearance of the tire to find out whether there are cracks, pierce hole damage, must be repaired immediately, so as not to expand the wound.

    (4) to prevent the overload of the tire, the goods are placed in balance.

    (5) extension ang forklift accessories said reasonable selection and matching of tire is key: according to the operation speed, road conditions, the deadweight of the forklift truck and the goods produced by static load, forklift driving dynamic load rational collocation of tire.

    (6) improve the driving technology: start smoothly, as far as possible to avoid rapid acceleration, rapid braking, emergency steering. In the face of the stone or pit, sharp objects, should slow down the bypass.

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