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    Damage and repair of forklift tires

    Forklift tires have pneumatic tires and solid tires. The lift truck parts of the truck tire pressure must be according to the original factory standard, and not too high or too low. The tire elasticity can be reduced and the wire layer can easily break.. Intense deformation pressure is too low, it will cause the tire, temperature increased, resulting in degumming or fracture, may also make the tyre on the rim mobile wear bead, serious in Taiqi door mouth will be torn up.

    (1) there are gaps, tire tire piercing, blistering, delamination damage, should according to the specific circumstances of repair or renovation. Extension ang forklift accessories known tire carcass around continuous crack, tread rubber has been polished and the mouth of the cave, carcass cords layer with annular rupture and whole circle separation, should be replaced.

    (2) the tube holes can be found when hot or cold patch.

    1) vulcanizing: the inner tube damage around the area of the file of the rough, will fire the glue supplement attached to the damage, and the small hole hole just good at the center of nourishing glue, then the tyre clamping of normalizing complement binding, tighten the screw compression to ignite the fire heating of the glue supplement, 10-15min, bonding can be tight.

    2) rubber reinforcing Leng Bu: will the puncture in the tube around the file of coarse, coated with glue, until the glue surface is dry and then coated with secondary glue, when the glue dried, prepared rubber attached in the breach, pressurized and heated 140-145 DEG C, insulation 10-20min to rubber vulcanization, stay cool, can be bonded tight.

    3) tube folding, serious rupture and can not be repaired; sticky modification; deformation, too much can be scrapped for the new.

    Taizhou Tuo Machinery Co., Ltd. in the operation, has been kept to the same product than the quality, the same quality than the price, the same price than the business purpose of the personality. With excellent product quality has won a good reputation. In the development, always adhere to the 'you do not have me, you have me new, you new I, you, I inexpensive' strategy, always regarded the product quality as the development elements of the enterprise.

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