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    Ten knowledge of forklift maintenance of the summer season

    Summer has passed, after the temperature began to gradually cooler, climate change. In the summer when the season, should pay particular attention to maintenance of forklift during use. Lind forklift accessories recommend that the maintenance of the season forklift should do the following:

    Vehicle external maintenance

    Autumn morning dew more, forklift surface are often very wet, if the car body has obvious scratches, should timely treatment of painting, in order to avoid scratches parts exposed to moisture and corrosion. Linde forklift parts due to direct the summer of acid rain rain corrosion and the summer light, body paint will inevitably be oxidized, in change garments according to the season when, you better be forklift surface of a cleaning, fill the paint maintenance work.

    Two. Tire maintenance

    In the safe driving of the forklift, the tire plays an important role.. In the summer, due to the high temperature, to regularly check the tire pressure, must not make the tire pressure is too high, otherwise, it will burst danger, and in the fall, Linde forklift accessories known due to the relatively low temperature, tire to add pressure, to keep it in the scope of the provisions of the pressure, at the same time, also should check the tire whether there are scratches, because rubber in the fall and winter seasons can become hard and appear more brittle, tire leakage easily, even a puncture, should always clean up within the tread of the inclusions.

    Three. Engine room maintenance

    Should check the engine cabin oil, brake oil, antifreeze, see oil is sufficient, whether the metamorphism, whether to the replacement cycle, the oil is a vehicle of the blood, the replacement cycle must replace, to ensure the smooth oil liquid circulation.

    Four. Brake system maintenance

    Large temperature difference between day and night in the fall, easily lead to body parts of expansion and shrinkage deformation, should always check the brake is not weak, deviation and the pedal brake pedal foot efforts if there is a change, when necessary, cleaning pipe part of the brake system.

    The warm air fan and pipeline maintenance

    If your trucks equipped with heating pipelines or fan, after a summer of operation, or for the upcoming cold winter to prepare, autumn is the most suitable for inspection of these devices detect exhaust exit is a normal wind, wiring is aging, and so on, if there is a problem and solution.

    Five. Air inlet or air grille maintenance

    To check whether these sites with debris. If there is debris can use compressed air to blow away the dust. In addition, in the engine cooling state can with a gun from the inside to outside flush over parts.

    Six. Air conditioning maintenance

    If your trucks equipped with air conditioning, hot summer weather, the air inside the car often overload operation. In addition, due to the more rain in summer and autumn, a long time, it is easy to make the condenser corrosion, so as to shorten the service life of the air conditioner, so please timely examination of air conditioning.

    Seven. Battery maintenance

    The electrode connection at the vehicle battery is the most problematic, inspection, if found to have green oxide electrode connection, be sure to promptly cleared off, the green oxide will cause the generator power shortage, serious when can cause battery scrap.

    Eight. Cab maintenance

    North autumn weather dry dust, please clean the dust in the cab, to avoid dust deposition, into the meter and other precision components, the impact of the performance of the forklift truck.For the equipped with a forklift truck, should always open the window, to maintain the air circulation, to ensure that the air is fresh air.

    Nine. Chassis maintenance

    Usually, the owners are negligent in the care of the chassis, when there is oil leakage and deformation of the chassis, the chassis has been rusting. Lind forklift accessories said this should be regularly checked forklift chassis state. Also shaft, a guide rail due to the invasion of sand and washing effect is easy to rust, open and shut will issue abnormal sound, this kind of question regularly in coated with antirust oil can be solved only.

    Linde forklift accessories in this remind everybody, forklift need more carefully observed, as a preventive measure, prevent the occurrence of the fault.

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