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    The four hidden car maintenance needs

    Electric rainy day is a test of the car, the car is most likely to lead to failure, Linde forklift accessories said after car maintenance more should pay attention to four major risks, not just.

    Hidden danger: beware of "rain skin disease"

    "But don't wash the car, I'll wait for the rain". But the rain is not a free car wash, car wash should be opposite after the rain, because acid rain will contain many outer corrosion paint, bright film,at the same time in the rain with some dust invisible to the naked eye, the sunlight will be derived from a large number of oxide. So, after the rain of the best car to do a paint beauty, a simple and effective method is waxing, but to protect the lasting effect, can also be used for glazing.

    Two problems: beware of "Qi engine"

    The car engine called the "heart", the most important is also the most problematic. The car engine is not easy to start feeble., probably because of the ignition system damp goods aging,once found is because the ignition system ignition caused by damp, poor engine performancedecline, can temporarily use dry towel or dry cloth to the distributor and wire dry, if it is because of aging leakage must be timely replacement.

    Three: beware of "hidden headlamps cataract"

    Lind said forklift accessories easily lead to the driving rain water not only affected by theheadlights, brightness, will make the light irradiation direction change, to bring safety hidden trouble. If the rain found the light in the mist, the headlight and high beam lights open at the same time, one hour after the observation of the lights in the mist has disappeared, if disappear,is the bulb seat Mifengbuyan by Water Leakage; if the water does not come loose, there may be a large adhesive shade is a problem, need to clean the lampshade at bonding after drying, glue,can also choose to repair professional repair shop.

    Four: "the removal of pathogenic potential ventilation"

    After a rainy day, the car will often have adjustable musty, encounter this kind of situation can beadjusted to the maximum heating, open 20 minutes, let the car to open the door or the moistureevaporates quickly; and the trunk in the sun, completely wet vent. Lind reminded the best forklift accessories do not cover up musty perfume, because some musty is caused by perfume, such as acidic lemon perfume, with more easily moldy odor.

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