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    For tire nitrogen really useful?

    I believe many of my friends and I have always been a tangled issue, is to give the tyre nitrogenin the end there is no special role? I believe that many people can speak a lot of things, some people will say that nitrogen play benefits, some people will say that the commercial hype scam,free air, nitrogen dozens of dollars...... Lind forklift accessories today on the experiment to verifyhow much effect.

    First summarize that nitrogen has the effect of point of view, this is a lot of argument inside the relatively stand a few, there are some nonsensical argument is not one one lists.

    Lind said the support of forklift accessories nitrogen argument:

    1, reduce tire: when the car is running, tire due to friction with the ground, the temperature rose sharply, especially in the process of driving at high speed, tire air temperature in the rapid rise inpressure surge, it will burst.

    2, prolong the service life of tires: the use of nitrogen, the tire pressure is more stable, the air in the tyre volume change is small, thus greatly reducing the irregular tire friction, increase the tire life. In addition, the aging of tire rubber is due to oxidation of oxygen and nitrogen can greatlyeliminate the oxygen in the air, sulfur, oil, water and most impurities, prolong the life of the tire,also can reduce the occurrence of the rim rust.

    3, reduce fuel consumption: in the running process of the automobile, increased less than thetire pressure and heated resistance, will cause the increase of vehicle fuel consumption. While the nitrogen tire can maintain very stable pressure, low thermal conductivity, the heatingcharacteristics of nitrogen can effectively reduce the slow increase in the temperature of the tireat high speed, thereby reducing the rolling resistance, can achieve very significantly reduce fuel consumption.

    4, reduce noise: nitrogen is a diatomic gas, chemically inert, and audio conductivity is very low,only equivalent to the ordinary air 1/5, so the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce the noise ofthe tire in the running process, the peaceful effect significantly improve driving.

    Lind forklift accessories summarized above statement: reduce burst probability, prolong the service life of the tyre rubber, slow aging, reduce noise, reduce fuel consumption and so on,these problems start to sum up, the main reason is only two points: 1, pressure; 2, the fundamental reason is that the temperature, tire pressure and temperature change of nitrogento stable than air.

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